For readers like me who do not have the patience to go through a long read, I have put up these musings. I also give a bit of elaboration to each of them for the purpose of clarity. I am hopeful that it will stir up positive vibes that would accelerate your journey in success. Happy reading!

  • You can struggle to maintain the present but trust me, only God knows how the dice rolls. Live today, tomorrow God already knows.

When there is a daily routine that gives us comfort and what we need for our daily living, we oppose anything that attempts to alter that state. Whether it is a better option or not? We do not want the uncertainty that comes with change…. Chill out! Worrying over, struggling with or fighting against any element of change is of no use, flow with the rhythm because you really can do little worrying. Decide to experience and enjoy every detail of that change.

  • Note to friends: Do not just analyse where I’m at, help me be where I should be. If you plan to do nothing about something, do not ask for details. I see me but not here, there; a mental picture of the future

A lot of folks excel at critically bone-picking people’s situations. I totally do not have an issue with critiques I believe there should be a parallel way up and out of whatever mess or set back. also, if you do not have a suggestive solution, do not ask what the problem is. Finally, it is beyond the present, everyone you see has a vision of a better future this is why we keep living-Hope. If you are unable to fuel it, do not quench it.

Let’s Keep hope Alive!

More thoughts to come…



This Thing Called LIFE

I remember my first travel experience within my country, I was a full grown adult who had never been away from her immediate environment. Pops never liked the idea of travelling. If he had his way, we would dwell in His secret place and under His shadow for protection. I had to summon courage and put faith in the promise of God for protection and I finally broke the record, I traveled (laughing).

So, I remember the a-million and one thoughts going through my mind, Life was happening in other parts of the country, Life wasn’t just in my home. Wow!!! You have no idea how mind blowing that realization was for me. All of a sudden, it began to make sense. I truly am as much as I am aware of. People living and trading and eat and sleeping and partying and working and being married and having issues….yes having issues to deal with.

Please, take a minute and think about this “You are not the only person on earth” SELAH

I guessed as much, you didn’t spend a minute. If you understood that millions and billions of humans are experiencing almost same thing you are or even worse, you would (1) take it easy on yourself (2) think of better ways to live this life you have been given.

Do you realize that if Jesus tarries, you will die if you choose at the age 100 years and be long gone. Your children will also die at 100 years also and be long gone…..as much as we remember Abraham, He has been dead for so loooong.

Bottom line is, stop looking for someone to make life happen for you. End the blame game, Live knowing that you cannot come back and live this minute right here, yes, the minute before this, is gone. Make the best of every moment… Also, you need to know that the people you are expecting to check up on you and make you feel good, are also expecting you to check up on them and make them feel good.

Whatever your challenge is, everyone has their fare share, it might visible or hidden. do not let society make you feel something is wrong with you. Actually, everything is wrong with society, so it is not the best angle to turn to as pedestal to ascertain how well you are doing. I know it seems like i am saying a lot at a time but trust me, somebody somewhere will read the part that seems like a lot and be glad the thought was shared.

Have you ever wondered what everybody is doing at the same time. I have, it is mind blowing just know that everyone is busy doing thing or the other in their waking moments…..


To be Continued



so let us continue this journey. here is the part two of the the musings series. join me.

I see me. not here, there; a mental picture of the future. I refuse to be defined by my current circumstance or situation. I operate beyond what my eyes can see. I am fueled by the possibilities the future holds. I am also aware that if I do right by my present, the future wold be everything I want it to be. Do not let anything stop you. Paint a clear mental picture of your desired haven.

A new day is a blessing in itself, you’d need to see it to enjoy it. This is a common saying. everyone looks not everyone sees. How you look matters and the content of your heart affects how you see. your heart should always be filled with positive vibes. It is a conscious effort you would have to embark on. Being positive doesn’t just jump on you, you fizzle out negatives and replace them with positives. The natural everyday experience has the capacity to slow you down and overburdened you causing you to have little or no positive energy. Make a deliberate effort to have goodness in your life.

Don’t put it off, get it done.

If you set your mind only at it, my brother it is a wish. Practical steps towards it would make it your reality.

There is a blessing and a lesson in every delay.

Blessed: empowered to succeed.

Recognize, Reject and Replace: Recognize the negativity in your life and what/who fuels of it, Reject them as your reality, Replace them with positive vibes and every good thing you desire. Usually they come in forms of words. Words are spirits and they have life. Use them wisely.

When you move forward, keep forward.

Life is a gift, don’t take permission to live it.

Inadvertently, we are what we expose ourselves to. Be deliberate.

The only options I have are to press on and to keep pressing on…either one i choose ain’t leaving me in my comfort zone.

Impossible is nothing, just plan.

Look Back From Your Future

So everyone has at some point, that feeling of being overwhelmed. I’ve had my fair share and doses. In those moments, I wondered how best to deal with that ‘it is the end of the world’ feeling. The present situations would seem to becloud all the images of the glorious future you have seen aforetime.

You know, especially when you have done all according to “Books” with Authors showing off their intellectual muscles yet you seem to always get back to that same grind. Sometimes a gush of fresh energy fills you and at that moment you feel like you can take on the world, then again everything goes south and you’re back to where you began-same point. Hmmm…#sighs

Then it hit me. you need to step out the present, time travel to your future self and look back. Yes! you would have to take your mind on that journey to where you would be 20 years from now (power of imagination required here). You would realize that everything happening at that time of your life would look incredibly tiny. It would be clear in that moment that you really needed that experience and that it is relevant and instrumental to where you are headed.

Life is in stages, phases…just know that you would get over it all and come out all dusted up! Ciao!

My thoughts though.



Wow! The new year seems to be energy sapping. I have not penned down anything in a while but it is all good. Inspired writings is all it should be about so yes this is another opportunity to share. I learnt something new and decided to share.

I have never been someone who likes routine, it gets really boring for me. I like spontaneity not just same ol’ same ol’ but then I realized something. I discovered that i was not able to achieve some level of success cause i was not operating at that level of discipline required for such feats to be achieved. For every specific level of success achieved, there is always a pattern inculcated. You need to have a persistent follow through of certain actions in order to attain some certain level of accomplishments.

To save you the boredom of over-flogging of this discovery, let me just hit the nail on the head, for those of us that get tired of routine, YOU NEED ROUTINE TO GET THERE! Yes, you read me right. Routine allows for discipline. Imagine if the sun chooses to rise when it likes or darkness decides to stay on and not give room for day? Things would be out of order and not even life can operate. Routine gives the base on which every structure is built on. So if you discover that you are in the same boat as i am, do something.

Do an x-ray of your regular activities including the ones that bore you out. consider what is a better option/course of action that would be superior to them and replace them each time. For example, You have the habit of sleeping 10 hours a day yet you have projects that require extra time, start by taking out 1 hour from your sleep time and use it for part of the project. There is no point waking up worried that you never got to do any work, just one step at a time, replace them little by little.

Note: Replacing routines isn’t a walk in the park

It is not going to be easy to replace them. you would have slip ups but keep at it. When you decide to get things done, one step at a time then you would be amazed at the things you would have achieved at the end of the year. So basically, replace less productive activities with productive ones. Rather than sit and worry or wonder about your life, learn a new song or write a story or do something that would have a positive impact on your day and invariably your life.

My two billion dollars thoughts.


Twist of Fate

The stench of hunger and deprivation was thicker than the cardigan used on a cold rainy day. Kola had seen the height of hunger and could vividly carve its shape on any given platform.

Growing in the dump site community, life on that side of life seemed grey…he could recall how Bide, his best friend took ill and no one understood what was wrong, the proceeds from his mom sales of ‘shepe’ on the side of the road was not even sufficient for daily meals talk more of affording medical care, on the other hand, his dad was never home.

That fateful day, as Kola sat beside his best friend on the torn shredded mats, tears streaming down his face as though the source the streams were his eyes, Bide tried to muster sufficient strength to tell him “get out of here, please..’ he begged, ‘do not die here”. Kola just cried and cried, he couldn’t get himself to respond or say anything. his heart was shredded within him, he was confused and helpless, did not know what magic wand he could pick up to undo the terror that his Kenny was experiencing (they were both referred to as ‘Taiye’ and ‘Kenny’). He wanted to give Bide a part of his life to live on. He had seen kids die but they were not particularly his friends….finally ‘Bide…’ he struggled to say with the tears refusing to halt ‘don’t go, don’t go I beg you, please, don’t go, I would die if you do…”please stay, pleassse, I would do anything you want…please’ Bide was too weak to give a smile, just as Bide’s Mom came in with the ‘agbo’ she was preparing for her son, Bide breathed his last…..

Kola thought he would die, he felt incomplete and could not think of going on with life, he cried and cried and cried. At 9 years he didn’t understand what was happening and yes those final words by his Kenny stuck with him like the wetness is to water. he could barely  sleep, eat or do anything, not even the regular routine of morning hawking of pap since his Mom had sustained an injury on her left leg. Being the older child of his mom two kids, she begged, screamed some days scolded him sternly to move on with his life unless he wanted to end up 6 feet under also (actually it wasn’t always up to 6 feet deep). His Dad was late and he had to be strong for his Mom. His younger sister didn’t seem to worry so much about the life they lived, maybe because she was just 5 years of age, still a bit oblivious of the place they called home…. ‘Why is life soo hard??’ he grumbled.

4 years had gone by and he had tried to be normal again but never allowed anyone take the place of Bide in his life. sometimes, he would see Bide in the little things he did but then, he knew Bide was long gone, it was just his mind playing the tricks……

‘Kola! Kola! Kola!’ he was jolted out of his thoughts. ‘Your mommy….’ the scared little girl pointed in the direction of home. Without thinking he ran as fast as he legs could afford him, on getting home, his sister was crying and screaming ‘mama! mama! mama!’, without asking, he lifted his mothers head and requested water, he poured the water on her head and she gained consciousness, then he asked. ‘what happened?’ While his mom tried to  understand what happened. Tola explained that as she came in from getting the groundnut she was sent to buy, ‘mama just fell’. At this point, his mother spoke ‘I just felt dizzy my dear. I think I need to eat, I have not eaten anything today that was why I asked you to buy me groundnut’, explained his Mom. Kola was lost in thoughts again, he was tired of crying. How does a person get out? He remembered the parting words of his Kenny, Bide. He knew he could not die here….


To be continued….




No Tears to Cry (The Lola Syndrome)

I guess only those who have experienced the Tele-novella series would understand the character Lola. As a baby, she was shut up severally from crying in order to keep her away from the danger of being killed (I can only imagine what baby Moses went through being kept away and hid for 3 months…) anyways, back to our Lola Syndrome, the experience of being shut made her grow into a young lady though with a beautiful heart had inability to cry with someone in pain or to cry when she had lost a loved one and is really sad. This made her at that point very irritable cause although she could not cry she felt the entire pain. At the point Lola was finally able to cry, when she was excited she cried, when she was sad she cried, it was a beautiful feeling….

Let me bring this home, some of us have gotten to a point where we cannot freely express how we feel cause we do not want to be misunderstood as being weak or distrustful of God but do you know that even our tears are cherished by God, kept in a bottle as David fantasized. God is not upset with tears but fear. Do not let anything take away the ability to shed those tears, it is a blessing in disguise. To be able to cry helps to relief tension…. Can you imagine praying ‘Lord, help me cry’? cause those emotions are welled up in your mind stirring up a storm…

Actually, this is my opinion, I am not saying it would work for you the way it works for me. I’m yet to see someone who cries it all out and does not in fact feel a huge relief. Even David before He encouraged himself in the Lord. He cried , no, he actually wept sore after his wives and children and of those who were with him were taken away….

Sometimes with the cloud, you may never hear God, but let the rain pour, a gust of fresh wind is what you would experience. A good dose of tears is necessary for relief sometimes.

PS: I am not vying for a clan of wailers, I am just saying that sometimes it is okay to look weak, it does not in anyway make you weak. Remember, Jesus wept!

Do you remember when you just let go and let the tears flow while singing love songs to God? It is always elevating. Allow yourself enjoy the blessings of free flow of tears….

My thoughts though.

Have a pleasant week ahead!




We are a product of our choices. choosing not to do anything is also a choice. if therefore we are a product of our choices by default, why not choose smartly and choose the best of the pack.

Below are some words that in themselves are embodies meanings. Remember not to be casual about it.

For each comparison, think carefully on it for at least 2 minutes, you would find out where you belong and where you would rather be, that is your preferred place.

Desired / Available

Substance / Shadow

Content / Container

Activity / Event

Mary / Martha

Convictions / Trends

Truth / Truce

Wish / Act

Sentiment / Sensitive

Decisions / Emotions

These words can be easily brushed aside, please do not. Just ponder on them and jot your thoughts. You would be surprised the impact it would make on the quality of your life.

Would appreciate more descriptive comparative words.

It is a journey….